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A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week of 01/31/10 - Winter Returns - 130 miles

Welcome to another update on my training, ride preparation, fund raising, and day-to-day happenings.  I appreciate all the support and help people have provided.  My message is starting to reach beyond my immediate friends and family.  I received emails from people who heard about my ride through others or have a family connection to lung disease.  Please keep helping to spread the word by forwarding my web site address.

The week started with continued seasonal temperatures.  This enabled me to get a nice 50k ride in on Monday to Elkridge Furnance Inn, Patapsco State Park (Grist Mill Trail), and up Bonnie Branch Road for some solid hill work.  This is one of my most ridden routes and offers nice scenery, quiet roads, and a solid climb.  Grist Mill is great family ride that Leah and I take to see the waterfall.  Tuesday has become my rest day this year.  I continued working on my fund raising and made good progress with a few of my potential media coverage contacts.  Glenelg Country School is conducting a fund raiser for the Amercian Lung Association.  As part of the event, Leah is making a presenetion to the kids about my ride and the important work done by ALA.  Glenelg is sending a press release to local papers to cover the event and my ride.  Look for links to the articles.  I also heard from the Washington/Baltimore Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Alumni Chapter.  They are going to run an alumni spotlight feature on me and my ride this spring. 

Another stromg week on the donation front included Silver level support from Angela Johnson (2nd year) and Dimensional Concepts, Inc. (Thanks to Sanjeet Harpalani).  Generous donations also received from Rob Troska at Vision Technology Services (3rd year), Sharon Petrecca, and Rupinder Singh.

Winter temperatures returned in force the remainder of week and pushed me back inside. Hour long trainer sessions on Wednesday (to classic rock), Friday (to the first part of Grease), and Sunday (to some of the Grammy Awards).  Thursday was busy at work and on the fund raising front, but I at least got in a quick 30 minutes.  Saturday was my best day with a full 90 minutes (30 miles) to Gary Allan and Bruce Springsteen CDs.  I ended up short of goal, but still had 130 miles. A solid 533 mile January.  I long for more outdoor rides, but will have to take what I can get.

On a related note, our Trek Across Maine team, Leo's Legacy, won the recruitment incentive prize on Monday for registering the most new riders.  The Virginia Lamberts will ride with us again.  Thanks Dave, Molly, and Greg. When you are on the Trek Across Maine homepage, scroll to the bottom to see a link to my web site.

Look for my first monthly newsletter next week!