My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week of 01/03/10 - Winter and Maine Spinning - Almost 100 miles

The week started off with some back and forth proposal activity that took up most of Monday and Tuesday.  In my quest for 6,500 miles in 2009, I spun hard for a solid hour (20 miles) to Cyclo-Club #7 Accelerations.  The class is only available to members, but you can check out Cottage of Wattage, another great spin session for a limited time.  You can also pick up Graeme Street's best selling cycling training e-book, "The Everyday Cyclist ULTIMATE 7-Day Fitness Solution" for free if you join and try out the club.  It has helped me significantly.

A little less intensity on Tuesady with another hour (18 miles) to some country and classic rock tunes off the internet.  On Wednesday, I was back to major intensity with 22 miles of Cyclo-Club #9 Metabolism Booster.  Recived a nice donation from Billy and Vicki Scott!  I pushed past the 6,500 mile mark with a recovery spin (45 minutes, 14 miles) to some classic rock on New Year's Eve.  Spent the rest of the night at a get together at Steve and Lynn Firlotte's ... lots of Wii playing and good times with family and friends.

Started 2010 with a rest from the bike, but still got in some exercise climbing the sled hill near Winthrop Lower School.  Great sledding with the kids and family!

We celebrated Leah's 11th birthday with the her traditional hand-made and decorated cake.  Another fun night and more Wii bowling and some Discovery Channel DVDs.

Back on the bike on Saturady with 20 miles to classic rock.  Big snow storm in Maine ... almost 2 feet.  We drove to Boston to stay with my sister on Sunday and made our usual Chineese food run.  Almost 100 miles of sweat and spinning.  I made my 6,500 goal.  Looking forward to another great year on the bike and my big ride in 2010.