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A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week of 02/07/10 - The Perfect Storm - 140 miles

This week will long be remembered for the huge snow totals that hit the mid-atlantic.  Mid week we had a small strorm that left around 6 inches.  Good enought to cancel school on Wednesday.  The big wallop came on Friday and Saturday with 34 inches.  So far, we have avoided the cabin fever, but the neigborhood streets are still not plowed, school has been canceled for Monday, and another 6-12 inches is forecast for next Tuesday night.  This obviously meant no opportunities for riding outside.

Work was busy getting reading for a big briefing next week and brainstorming sessions on the capture effort I am heading up.  I managed to spin for 45 minutes on Monday to Men of a Certain Age and on Wednesday to a Grass Roots CD.  Tuesday night was my off day and was spent working on ALA fund raising.  A great $500+ week in that department.  Big thanks go out to the following Silver level donors:  Barry & Sandy Koltz (6th time!), Chuck & Carolyn Rose, and Bob Binns. Generous donations were also received from Mike Ruslander, Jack Zdunski, Jessica Deer, and Greta Blau.  My sympathies go out to Jessica, who just lost her grandfather to lung cancer.  It is for families like hers that I ride for.

I sat out Thursday with some tightness/soreness in my right calf. Maybe the combination of spinning and shoveling (a good work out in itself) did me in.  With the storm in full force, I spun a strong 90 minutes on Friday to some music and another solid hour on Saturday to music as well.  The big work out on Saturday was two hours of shoveling.  Different muscles for sure.  We got pretty much all dug out except for the car, which was completed on Sunday.  I really wanted to get close to my weekly mileage goal, so I decided to spin to the entire Super Bowl game.  Leah watched the whole game and I logged a long 55 miles with sprints on all 3rd and 4th downs and power sprints on big plays/scores.  I rested at half time.  Very happy to see the Saints win.

A great week of donations, an epic storm, a long 55 mile spin ... a good week.  I will be making my pre-ride hotel reservations this week and scheduling a time to get my passport (or at least a passport card) ... I need that to get in/out of Canada.  We will spend two days in the great white north.  Speaking of which, a few pcitures from the perfect storm: