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A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week of 01/10/10 - Back Home - More Cold Weather Spinning - 100 miles

The artic blast kept a firm grip on the east coast all week.  Due to the snow in Maine, we drove back to Maryland on Monday.  On Tuesday, I played a little catch up at work.  Finally back on the trainer on Wednesday for a solid hour (20 miles) to some Paul Simon.  Thursday saw 15 miles while watching the BCS championship won by Alabama (yawn).  It was even cold inside on Friday ... 15 more miles to Steely Dan.  I ramped up my fund raising efforts and started work on a major email campaign.  Great initial response - Thanks to the following donors:

Gary Chudnovksy
Linda Ciralsky
Sarah Worthing

And a huge thank you to Gerry Appelstein for a fantasic Gold Level donation, my largest indivudal sponsor to date!  Several other pledge committments were made ... I will post when received.  Thanks to all.  Keep the donations coming.  CLICK HERE to make your donation securely online.

The weekend saw a little extra time for spinning and fund raising.  On Saturday I rode virtually (20 miles) with Coach Troy around the Prettyboy Reservoir in northern Baltimore County, Maryland.  Check it out on Coach Troy's site.  Wrapped up the week with a longer (30 miles) spin to the Ravens thrashing of the Patriots.  Living in Baltimore, it was a tough day.  With the Patriots out, the Ravens will get all my support.

My first 100 miles of 2010 have been logged.  The weatherman says it may hit the majic 45 degree mark late next week ... maybe I will see some pavement.