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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 35 -- July 25th -- Fond Du Lac, WI to Manitowoc, WI

Miles Ridden: 56.5
Avg Speed: 15.0
Avg Heart Rate: 110 bpm
Climbing: 1,378 ft
Calories Burned: 1,181 (need to recalibrate)

Recovery Ride ... wind farms ... Lake Michigan ... Rick and Kari visit ... ferry ride tomorrow

Today' route and map --

At wrap last night, Mike Munk called today a rolling rest day.  At home, a 56 mile ride is far from that.  But, with the amount of riding we have done the last five weeks, it was certainly an easier day than most.  I officially called today a recovery ride as my heart rate and speed were at more easy pace,  I will often do rides like that at home after a hard day.  Today qualified, as I have had an intense week of cycling.  We got to sleep in big time ... my alarm was set for 7:30 with load at 8:30.  It was clear that most folks viewed today the same way I did as no one was riding too hard.  Some folks left town via Lake Winnebago.  Other (like me) headed for the bike path and past the University of Wisconsin at Fond Du Lac.  Since I saw the lake and lighthouse last night this worked for me.  A local bike club flew by going  in the other direction.  Mike's Music had a real neat mural on the way out of town,  Who can name them all?

Cool Mural ... Clapton, Dylan, Beatles, Mick and More
We were quickly in the country and rolling past more farms.  A huge wind farm with gigantic turbines was quite the sight and could be seen for several miles.  I rode pretty much on my own until the first SAG.  The route was flat with a few rollers and nice surfaces.  The wind made our easy day a little harder and was in our face a good portion of the day.  In the town of Marytown I passed a nice church and a slightly different population sign.

Huge Wind Farm

Neat Shot Of Farm and Turbines

I Wonder How Many Live In St. Joe?

Impressive Church On A Hill
The only SAG was in Kiel. I finally found some Wisconsin cheese there.  It is home to Henning's factory store and museum.  After the SAG, I rode loosely with Joe and John (OH) on and off.  We passed more farms and made the turn north when Lake Michigan made its first appearance.  A few really nice houses line the shores.  The lake was only in view for a short time as we drifted a little inland.  We arrived in Manitowoc around 12:30 and headed to Culver's for lunch as our rooms were not quite ready.  The truck was unloaded while I was eating ... good thing ... they flagged my bag for a weight infraction.  I need to shed about five pounds!  Mostly nutrition and the new camera and Garmin stuff.

The Smell Of Cheese Filled the Street

Rolling Route To The Lake

Long Quiet Country Roads

Lake Michigan Appears
My dear friend Kari and her husband Rick made the drive up from Milwaukee and picked me up around 3:00.  We  drove through downtown Manitowoc and then followed the lake shore up to Two Rivers.  The lake is so huge  ... you feel like you are at the ocean.  Two Rivers is the birthplace of the ice cream sundae.  We went to Berner's (the original place where it all started in 1881) for a piece of nostalgia and great conversation.  It was so great to spend some one-on-one time with Rick and Kari.  We stopped for dinner in Manitowoc at the Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie.  A big hug goodbye and I was back at the hotel around 7:00.  I missed wrap and dinner at "Pondergrossa".  Dave picked up a cue sheet and the information for our ferry ride tomorrow to Michigan.  Four hours on the water and we enter the eastern time zone.  We do need to ride 3.5 miles to and 3.5 miles from the ferry.  Hmmm ... big day.  Not.  I plan to try out my new camera.  Today was an iPhone day.

The Birthplace Of The Ice Cream Sundae

Neat Art Museum in Manitowoc

A Great Visit With Dear Friends
Good night moon ... good night wind farm ... good night Rick and Kari (thanks for a great day) ... good night recovery (hello rest and the ferry) ... good night wife and daughter (hope you made it out of the woods in one piece) ... good night son (narrow that list for fall road trips)