My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 13 -- July 3rd -- Burley, ID to Pocatello, ID

Miles Ridden: 85.5
Avg Speed: 18.2 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 124 bpm
Climbing: 1,860 ft
Calories Burned: 3,339

Chili ... Geldings Plus One ... More Tailwinds ... Fast ... Loneliest Road ... TV Coverage

The fun from yesterday's scavenger hunt carried over and has officially resulted in a new name for our group ... the Geldings.  Jeff's blog has an emotional and detailed account of how we saved "Little Jimmie".  Why our fellow riders did not believe the tale, I do not know.  They will remember it and giggle for years to come I am sure.  After a late breakfast we were the last group to leave around 7:20 or so.  It was a tad chili at departure.  My vest has paid huge dividends on the trip so far.  My arm warmers kept me from getting too cold.  The cue sheet to Pocatello called for 82.4 miles, but we would add a few extra miles thanks to some off road riding and a small error in the cue sheet mileage.  Some of our group missed the first turn, but we quickly got back on course.  Today we meandered around and over the Snake River and got closer to the mountains that will rise to almost 9,000 feet on Monday and Tuesday.

Our Umpteenth Snake River Crossing
Cattle and cattle guards where a common sight as we pedaled 20+ miles on a very desolate road nicknamed the "Loneliest Road in America".  It was a little rough, but virtually free of anything except free roaming cattle.  Sandy snapped a great picture of Leo saying hello to the locals.  The views to the south included several mountains.  Like yesterday, we were helped along by a nice tailwind.  That, together with the flat terrain and healthy legs, enabled us to move along pretty swiftly.  Our daily average exceeded 18 mph ... very fast and sweet.

Mountains on the Horizon

The Loneliest Road in America

Leo Meets the Locals
The first SAG was at an abandoned (well not quite) gas station.  It is now used as a sometimes open junk store.  Peeking through the windows one could see all types of chatskies ... including lots of snowmen figures (sorry Amy, it was closed).  It also had an old phone booth that I thought Toronto Mark should use to change into his "Wonderboy" suit.  Beth made a bee line for me as he headed out ... but, alas she returned to fetch something she had forgotten.  Off the bike it got mighty chili, so we quickly headed out past more open range farms.

1st SAG ... Snowmen For Sale

Beth Is On The Attack

Faster Than A Speeding Biker ... Where is Wonderboy?

Following Old Route 30 and close to the original Oregon Trail, we came upon Register Rock Park.  Register Rock is a huge boulder that holds the signatures of several Oregon Trail emigrants who stopped for an evening of rest before continuing on their journeys. We added another horse to our stable after leaving the park ... and it was a Philly.  Katie joined the Geldings and made quite an impression.  She had great pace line form and took a nice pull at the front.  We navigated a nice smooth 8 mile run on the highway with no issues.  After the second SAG stop in American Falls, we came across Margot from California.  We had all been told of a short gravel section on the route ... after cutting under I-86, Margot took a right on a dirt road and we followed thinking it was the section we were expecting.  Well, it wasn't that short and led to a train track.  We decided it was a bad turn and headed back ... just in time, as a train came by.  I think Margot thought about jumping on board, but it was heading west.

Register Rock ... Oregon Trail Signatures

Close Up Of The Names

Our New Philly Getting Pumped Up

Hmmm ... Are You Sure This Is The Way

Margot ... You Missed Your Train
 Our directional challenges continued on the numerous frontage roads that sat on each side of the interstate.  After a short debate, we determined we were OK, but the mileage was off.  Turned out there was a small 3 mile error in the cue sheet mileage.  Later we pulled into a gas station to verify we were on the right path and got some help from the local sheriff.  Shortly after that, Mike came by in the gold van and told us about the error.  It wasn't long before we cruised into Pocatello a little before 1:00.  After unloading the bags we headed to Subway for a quick lunch.

Officer ... Do You Know The Way To Pocatello?

The Geldings Plus One
The local NBC affiliate (KPVI - Channel 6) came out to the hotel for a story on our ride and a few of our our fund raising efforts.  They spoke with me, Sarah Kerr (she is riding for a Chicago Rehab Institute in the wake of her sister's car accident that left her a paraplegic), and Toronto Mark (he is riding for Brain and Spinal Cord Regeneration Research in support of his cousin Lara).  The story just aired ... I will add a link if it gets posted to their web site. Mark captured the story on his iPhone ... turn the volume up as high as you can.

KPVI Interview ... See Video Below

After dinner, Mike Munk had us all conduct a safety check on our bikes in anticipation of the big Wyoming climbs that are coming up on Monday and Tuesday.  My knee seems stronger, but I plan to "ride my ride" up those big peaks.  The thrilling technical descents should be awesome.  One more flat day before the climbs ... we ride 60 miles to Idaho Falls tomorrow.  It provides the last chance to sleep late for awhile.

Good night moon ... good night Geldings ... good night Flicka (aka Scarlett, aka Katie) ... good night to all those suffering and impacted by lung disease (you inspire my ride and push me to dig a little deeper each day) ... good night Dad (get well soon so I can see you in New Hampshire ... I will ride those peaks for you!)