My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 28 -- July 18th -- Sioux Falls, SD Rest Day

Miles Ridden: 0
Avg Speed: N/A
Avg Heart Rate: Raised a Few Times During My Massage
Climbing: ugh, ugh
Calories Burned: Consumed some

Slept in ... laundry ... clean bike ... power massage ... great lunch and dinner ...
With over 2,000 miles down, we paused in Sioux Falls for a nice day of rest.  The area is very built up and we had access to a wide range of services and food.  I slept in until almost 9 and grabbed a quick waffle at the hotel breakfast.  Jeff was heading out to wash the ABB van so a few us hitched a ride to the laundromat.  I grabbed my clothes and waffle and headed to the van.  After that I cleaned and lubed my bike ... a clean bike is a happy bike.

Next came lunch with Dave, Steve, and Don at Old Chicago.  I even broke down and had a Fat Tire beer.  I had a massage scheduled for 3PM at the hotel, but she ran a little long and we did not get started until almost 3:45.  That threw a wrench in our plans for going to the Sioux Falls Fighting Pheasants AA baseball game.  To top it off, the massage went long ... she beat me up good.  Dave sent the Geldings on to the game and stayed behind for me ... he has a nice habit of doing that!  We headed out for the Brazilian Steak House, but alas it was closed.  We ended up at the Granite City Brewery (a Midwestern chain) ... it was very satisfying and hit the spot.  Just finished packing and preparing for the morning,  Another 70 miles on tap and we hit Minnesota!

A quiet and relaxing day of rest, but that is just what the doctor ordered.

Good night moon ... good night knots (well almost) ... good night good food (back to the basics tomorrow) ... good night South Dakota (hello Minnesota) ... good night salmon (nice piece tonight ... catch me some more in Alaska Sue & Bob)