My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week of 11/29/09 - Turkey Week - Rain - 133 miles

While the weather pushed me inside for some music and TV spinning, I still managed to get outside for a few good rides.  A little short of my 140 mile weekly goal, but only by 7 miles.  Monday, I put in 16 miles watching America's Funniest Videos with Leah.  We love that show and no matter how old the clips are, it is still a great way to laugh.  I spent Tuesday working and hacking on the computer ... I now know all the options for shipping my bike to the west coast.  Did research on the best cases and options for packing.  I will try to get a case loaner from my bike club and have my mechanic help pack it for shipping.  More rain on Wednesday ... a quick 17 mile spin to Criminal Minds.

The turkey day forecast was supposed to be dry and low 50's.  That never quite materialized ... it was mid 40's and misty.  Uncle Dave came up early and we went out for a nice, but messy, two hour tour (a little short of 30 miles) past the prisons in Jessup and over to Timbuktu in Elkridge.  From there, we meandored up 103 and 108 and eventually past the Columbia Mall.  A good bike cleaning was in order (saved that for the weekend).  Karen prepared a great Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  I made what has become a new tradition ... the gravy (not the store bought stuff, but real homemade from the drippings stuff).  Dave, Molly, Beth, and Greg joined us.  Mike was home for the week.  A nice, quiet and fun day.

Black Friday saw shopping, but no 5am standing in line.  Picked up a new GPS and external hard drive at bargain bin prices.  Also grabbed the first four seasons of Weeds and some video games for Leah.  Started to look at new cell phones to replace the aging dinosaurs we have now.  On Friday night, my lips puffed up again (a repeating ocurrence the last month or so) and spread to my face and tounge by morning.  It went away quickly again, but I headed to the clinic for a visit.  Allergies of some kind ... I will need to watch it and have some testing done.  Felt better by supper and pushed inside for 20 miles to some music and Capitals hockey.

Was Sunday the last 60 degree day of the year?  If so, I took full advanatge with a 52 mile ride to Eldersburg and Sykesville.  A little quicker and at least 15 other riders passed enroute.  Rode with a few young bucks on Homewood ... they had to work hard to stay up with the chubby old man on both the descent and climb to Folly Quarter.  I felt very good the whole day and made only a short stop in Sykesville.  The route included Marriotsville Road (a great stretch through Patapsco Park and along the river), Route 26 (busy), Route 32 (nice shoulder to Sykesville), and River Rd (another scenic run along the river with a few power hills).  Got back a little after dark, which made the girls a little unhappy ... I did call first!

December beckons ... hope I can still get outside a few days a week.