My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week of 11/22/09 - King of the 2 Hour Ride - 135 miles

Weather and scheduling enabled me to stay outside a good part of the week.  My rides are definitely shorter this year ... averaging around 2 hours and +/- 30 miles ... still some 40 and 50 milers on weekends.  I will need to ramp up next spring with more back to back days.  All in all, no compliants on mileage base ... now to work that mid-section and drop a few pounds!

Headed toward Elkridge and BWI Airport on Monday.  A nice 30 mile run to the Maryland Department of Transportation headquarters.  They have connected Corporate Drive to the building from the BWI car rental facility ... provides some new connection options in and around BWI, Elkridge, and the airport trail.  Here is the route:

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Mid week saw some rain and work ... tough to get rides in when the sun goes down before 5pm.  I spun to Criminal Minds on Wednesday for 16 miles.  Scheduled a ride on Friday, by taking my bike to work and heading out by 3.  To avoid the congestion near the office, I drove a few miles to Needwood Golf Course.  I decided to bike home and retrieve the car on Saturday.  I don't know why I have not done this more often ... the routes are pretty good and even with a little car traffic, very nice.  I headed through Lake Needwood park and over to Emory Rd (nice paved path along side of narrow, busy road), quick turn on Georgia (again on path) to Bachelor's Forrest Rd and Trotters Glen Golf Course.  Bachelor's Forrest is a perfect bike road with some climbsls and few cars.  It connects to Olney near the Olney Ale House ... the best beef stew and sourdough bread in town.  From there, Doctor Bird Rd., past the Sandy Spring Friends School, Ednor Rd., and home via Fulton and Harding Rd. Stretched it to 27 miles. Return trip on Saturday was slightly different route via Highland, Brighton Dam, and Brookville.  Brighton Dam is a pretty site and has a nice azalea garden.  During the War of 1812, when British troops burned the White House, President James Madison sought refuge in Brookeville on August 26, 1814.  Meandored around Laytonsville toward Gaithersburg by the Montgomery County Airpark.  Short bike lane on Shady Grove Rd that just ends ... then some nastiness to cut over toward Needwood (this is why I drove a vew niles from office).  If I can handle the few miles around the office ... this back and forth is pretty nice.

Planned 40-50 on Sunday ... didn't quite make it, thanks to some mechanical issues.  My cassette was slipping and broke away from my wheel on a climb up Mission Rd.  Luckily it happened toward the end of the ride and close enough to the SAG girls.  The route was Fort Meade, Sevren, BWI Trail, to Elkridge Furnance Inn.  35 miles brought my weekly total a little under goal at 135.  I used Cyclo Club online video for a pre-ride strecth.  Need to make this part of the routine and use the core and bootcamps more.