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A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 -- June 24th -- Ka-Nee-Tah, OR to Prineville, OR

Miles Ridden: 58.9
Avg Speed: 14.5 mph
Avg Heart Rate: 131 bpm
Climbing: 3,180 ft
Calories Burned: 3,191
A picture perfect day for riding ... not a cloud in the sky and a starting temperature of around 60 degrees. The crew (Jeff, Mark, Dave, and me) enjoyed a late departure after a hearty breakfast at Ka-Nee-Tah.  The resort sits on a Mesa in the dessert ... great view from the balcony... 

 The route and elevation ...

After a short descent off the resort we started a reasonable climb that led to a sweet downhill run into the Warm Springs valley. The glorious peaks of the Cascades were still in full view.  Mt Hood, Mt Jefferson, and the Three Sisters seemed to always be with us.  Jeff did a little off road riding when a truck got a little too close for comfort.  He was able to come to a safe stop and rejoin the road quickly.

We headed back onto our old friend Route 26 along the Deschutes River.  A fly fisherman was working hard to catch his dinner as we started a solid climb through the dessert messas.  The trusty ABB "box" (alias Ryder Truck that carries all our bags) was well positioned to provide us some fresh (and cold) water just as the climb kicked it up.  Looking over our shoulders ... we waved good bye to the Cascade peaks.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Munk

Following the climb the scenery began to change over to farm land as we rode on quiet country roads ... smooth as silk too.  We debated what the crops were ... I think they were carrots.  A town appeared (Madras), as did our only SAG of the day.  The ABB crew had added a new member, or at least a helper.  Kay Palmer was nursing a sore leg and sat today out.  I hope she is back at again tomorrow.  Speaking of which, it is one of the longest and hardest days of the trip ... 117 miles with over 5,000 feet of climbing ... gulp.

Some more climbing was in store, but the grades were not as steep as earlier in the day or yesterday.  We picked up Joe from Georgia.  He looks like a solid addition to our riding group and can climb very well.  He recently retired as a CFO with an advertising firm.  Joe took a video of my dipping my wheels that I will be adding to my Day 0 blog.  The final climb of the day kicked up in grade and left Dave and I trailing the others.  At the crest, I shifted down hard and tore after them for another awesome descent.  Pushed speeds greater than 40 mph and caught them for the ride into Prineville.  We stopped for lunch at Mother's Diner.  The plan was a slice of pie, but with only 2 miles to go before the hotel, we opted for lunch.  A simple, but tasty tuna sandwich was in order.  No room for the famous pie ... maybe next time (like I will ever be in Prineville, OR again).

The hotel (Best Western) was well situated near a shopping center, laundry mart, and masseuse.  With my laundry done, I had hoped for a quick massage, but alas, the therapist was a no show.  I guess I will need to wait until our day off in Boise.  My legs could use the work ... pretty sore today.  I grabbed some more recovery mix from the truck and caught up with Katie to give her some as well ... hmm, looked like a parking lot drug deal.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Munk

Route wrap included a fun get to know you game ... hey, I won one of the huge prizes (umm, well a mini candy bar anyway), for correctly naming Matt Louis at the youngest make on our trip.  He is 17 and rising with Dad, Mike.  Mike is a physical therapist from California.  They are on a tandem and riding for Huntington's Disease.  Mike's dad suffers from Huntington's Disease. The focus of our discussion was on the huge day that lays in store for us tomorrow ... 117 long miles in the dessert to John Day.  Dinner was at the Apple Peddler ... hohum ... great conversation.  Happy Birthday Sandy North ... she already knows everybody's name and story ... pretty impressive.

Good night moon ... good night dessert ... good night screaming descents ... good night riding crew ... good night John Day ... see you in 117 miles and another 5,000 feet!