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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week of 05/16/10 - Thao, Inc. Makes Corporate Sponsorship, RPI Alumni Send Off - 210 Miles

Finally trying to catch up on my blog after a super busy spell at work.  Writing about things in real time will be a nice change this summer ... need to get into a routine of posting each night during my ride.  So here is what happened the week of 5/16 ...

Wow!! Thao Sofo has me speechless.  And as most of you know, that is a pretty hard feat to accomplish.  Thao's new company, appropriately named Thao, Inc., made a corporate level donation to Mark's Trek Across America for the American Lung Association.  Thao joins the Bunson Family Foundation at this extremely generous level.  And now for a plug ...

Thao, Inc. is a new IT and marketing consulting firm with strong expertise in healthcare financial systems, revenue cycle management, and automated billing solutions. They have successfully supported the Military Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Service, US Air Force, and Food and Drug Administration on key programs. Thao, Inc. has also provided extensive business process reengineering support to the Department of Defense TRICARE program. Additional experience and expertise includes competitive analysis, capture management, and performance improvement.  I wish Thao and her team the best of luck with their new venture.

My donor list keeps growing.  An updated list can be found on the My Donors page of my web site.  This week saw donations from Brad & Cathy Wilson (neighbors - they own the dubious distinction of having moved from one street in our neighborhood to another, just a mere 8 houses away), Ryan Hevner (RPI alum who lives close by), Rodney George (new Facebook friend who reached out thanks to some other new friends ... 6 degrees of separation coming soon), Earl & Sandy Wilensky (long-time and close friends of parents), and Buddy & Barbara Marcus (also long-time and close friends of my parents).  Thanks to all for your help!

I have been talking in the last few weekly posts about my new cycling jersey design.  A big thanks to Jason Kamps at Woof Designs & Woof Cycling for helping to layout a great new logo and concept that ties in the Trek Across Maine, my cross country trek, the American Lung Association, Leo's Legacy (my family's team name in honor of my father-in-law, LeoLambert), and a dragonfly.  Without further ado, here it is:
Hope you can see it ok.  My corporate and platinum sponsors are shown on the sleeves and shoulders.  My Gold level sponsors are shown on the back pocket area.  The map depicts my actual route from Astoia, OR to Portsmouth, NH.  A Lambert family team would not be complete without a dragonfly somewhere ... the dragonfly is a symbol of light, adaptability and transformation.  It has been an important symbol in our close friend Sue Firlotte's battle with cancer.  Leo would be proud!

On the training front, I had to work around several long days at the office and a few days of rain. I put in four solid 40-50+ mile rides including a nice hill seeking route in and around Ellicott City, Oella, and finishing up the 12% grade on Harriet Tubman Road.  Another hill "scavenger hunt" to around Granite, Liberty Dam, and home via the long grind up Old Frederick Road in Ellicott City.  The other rides included a run to Elkridge Furnance and BWI and another to Goddard Space Flight Center and Bowie.  I spun on the trainer one night to push my weekly total to 210 miles.

Another highlight of the week was an RPI alumni event in my honor.  Several alumni from the 70's, 80's, and 00's came out for a nice night of appetizers and drinks at McCormick & Schmick's in Bethesda.  We chatted about Rensselaer, my ride, and caught up on each other's lives.  Thanks to local chapter president Michael Branford '06 for coordinating the event.  RPI ran an alumni spotlight on me earlier this year ... check it out ... Mark Koltz - Spring 2010 Alumni Spotlight
Work is really getting busy ... it will be hard to get in 200 miles next week (easy to type when you know you didn't hit the mark!).  Five weeks until I leave.