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A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week of 12/20/09 - Winter Spinning and Blizzard - 125 Miles

Winter weather and a major snow storm kept me inside spinning on the trainer.  A  solid week with 6+ hours of bike time and 125 miles on the odometer.  On Monday, I logged 20 miles to the new Ray Romano show "Men of a Certain Age."  I guess I relate to it as the show depicts three guys in their late 40's. Thanks to Gary Calabreese for a donation ... he has sponsored me for 5 years!  Tuesday was spent working and on the website as well as fundraising. Donations received from Jim Leonard (silver level) and Barbara Eberhard (4th year). 

On Wednesday I pushed 25 miles to a new Criminal Minds epsiode.  My high school friends from USY jumped on board the donation train ... thanks to Bob Sulloway and his wife Gail (2nd year) for a silver level donation and Carol Fishman (3rd year).  Carol's mom is a lung cancer survivor.  She and her doctor caught it when it was at stage 1A! We are glad she went in for a chest x-ray after a nagging cough.  If she hadn't, then she would probably not be alive now. Lung cancer is so deadly because generally it's not found until stage 3 or 4 when it's too late. She is one of the rare success stories. She was a former smoker, but she hadn't smoked for 27 years.  My ride helps researchers with new and better detection testing.

Thursday was an active recovery day with some Cyclo-Core training and a short 12 mile spin to Jeff Dunham on Comedy Central.  Leah and I love his characters particularly Jose (on a stick), Peanut, and Achmed ... "I kill you."  Friday included intervals and one leg drills to some great old 1970's songs.  Thanks to Fred and Catherine Chiccone for theor generous silver level donation.  I have ridden on their Tour de Cure team for the Amercian Diabetes Association.  Their grand daughters have Type 1 diaabetes.  Besides the American Lung Association, it is the other charity I work hard for.  The snow started falling around 10PM.  The snow came down all day on Saturday and when it finsihed around midnight, we had almost 2 feet.  Quite a storm for the mid-atlantic.  I spun hard for 27 miles to the Ford Ironman champsionships on NBC.  Great inspirational stories and amazing athletes.

I wrapped up the week with some leg drills and tempo work to football.  Lot of extra exercise thanks to shoveling too.