My ride is over, but the memories will last forever.

A life long dream fulfilled ... a great cause ... new friends ... amazing support

Thanks to everyone who helped make a difference!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Week of 03/14/10 - Corporate Level Donation, Rain - 135 miles

A huge week on the fund raising front.  I received an amazing corporate level donation from The Bunson Family Foundation.  This marks the second consecutive year that Steven and Joy Bunson have supported the American Lung Association.  They truly out did themselves this year, increasing last year's corporate donation by 150%.  I have been close friends with Steven since the early 70's and am glad to have shared so many memories with him and his family.  Steven and Joy are dedicated supporters of many community and world-wide organizations including Mercy Corps, Bright Horizons, the National Corporate Theater Fund, and The Retreat.  Their involvement and philanthropic support has helped families and children across the globe. Joy is also a major advocate and nationally known force in the work/life balance area.

I also received generous donations from the following:  
  • Jessie Lirtzman-Sivkin - one of Mike's fraternity brothers
  • Mary Wall - friend of a friend who has helped spread my message on Facebook
  • Christine Ausnit-Hood - 5 time Silver level supporter; Christine's son is on the cycling team at Harvard
  • John Hurley - high school friend active in the Baltimore theater
On the training front, the theme was "lost opportunity" the first part of the week.  The weather was nice (in the 50's), but my schedule did not cooperate.  With daylight savings time now here, I hope to have more flexibility and expect to ramp up my miles.  I was able to get out on Thursday for a nice ride (almost 50 miles) to Glenelg, West Friendship, Glenwood, and Highland.  It felt great to be outside and I saw no affects from the charley horses of last week.  The route went up Sand Hill and past the Crestlawn Cemetary. I made a stop at the grave of Kyle Ciralsky.  Kyle is the son of my close friend, Linda Ciralsky.  Kyle has been gone for nine years.  He was taken from us too young and is missed each day.

The rain came hard and often the rest of week.  It was back to the basement and my trusty CycleOps trainer - Friday (33 miles), Saturday (25 miles), and Sunday (30 miles).  The weather is supposed  to dry out and break 60 next week ... longer rides here I come.  Leah left for Flordia for a week with my parents, so I hope to have even a little more time to spend on the bike.  I added a countdown clock to the web site as I am now less than 100 days from the strat of my ride!